Nautical tourism on Lake Garda

Visiting these places on board a boat will be a unique experience

The waters of Lake Garda bathe numerous municipalities and territories. Seeing these places from a boat will be a unique and exclusive experience. Landscapes will fascinate you and will remain engraved in your memories. To make your navigation easier and even more exciting, we have developed an App, which combined with the 10” tablets installed on all our boats, gives you the ability to view and reach the “POIs” (Points Of Interest). Not only for more than 100 of these points: cities, tourist info, ports, berths, petrol stations, dangers, etc., you will find photos and descriptions or historical notes.

The latest version, 01.18, is an exclusive Lepanto Marine.
Here are some examples:

Easy Boating APP

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GPS is a great navigational aid but it does NOT ABSOLUTELY REPLACE: common sense, prudence and compliance with current regulations. For example, it is good to make sure that the route does not cross the mainland or dangerous waters.


The origins of the name of Bardolino are likely to be of Longobardo princess: Bardali or Pardali, and like all the places along the olive riviera it is surrounded by walls, towers and fortresses that have been fought over by noblemen, monks and emperors.


BRENZONE sul Garda is a pearl on the eastern shore of Lake Garda. Located in the center of the lake is historically tourist and transit for trade between Po Valley and the Alps and then, even linguistically, the common was the son of three cultures: Verona, Brescia and Trento.


Desenzano del Garda is a lively and dynamic town, rich with memories and initiatives that criss-cross the the centre’s busy streets. Ideal for those looking to pass a holiday in perfect balance between relax and enjoyment, nature and culture.


Garda The gulf of Garda is a natural jewel, surrounded by Mount Luppia to the north and the ‘Rocca’ to the south from which there are breathtaking views. Here stood Garda castle during the Middle Ages, so important that it provoked the change in name from ‘Benacus’ to ‘Lake Garda’.


Isola del Garda Currently owned by the Cavazza family, there is no doubt that the island was already inhabited during roman times, thanks to the discovery of 130 Gaelic-Roman headstones found here and donated to the roman museum in Brescia by Count Luigi Lechi.


Lazise has an interesting ‘first’; it was Italy’s first Comune (town council), gaining its independence from Emperor Ottone II, more than a thousand years ago, in 983. It has passed through the Middle Ages that left its mark in the Scaligera castle and battlement walls.


Limone sul Garda is situated on a narrow tongue of land under the rock face on the northern coast of Lombardian Lake Garda. In the past it could only be reached by boat or by passing over the mountains the economy was based solely on fishing, cultivation of olives and lemons.


Malcesine A place of timeless charm that leaves a lasting impression on both first time visitors and those who come back time and again. Around the soaring Scaligero castle and the historic Captain’s Palace, the picturesque village conserves its medieval origins and gives the sense of travelling back to those times as you stroll through.


Rocca di Manerba The Rocca presents itself as a rocky outcrop tending towards the lake’s southern coast. It is rich from both historic and naturalistic points of view.


Moniga del Garda Arriving at Moniga del Garda, you are welcomed by the atmosphere of ancient flavours thanks to the splendour of its olive groves. The C10th castle, situated alongside the church of San Martino, is one of the oldest of the Valtenesi zone and indicates the traditional and historical feel to the town.


Peschiera del Garda A lake town, a river town, a fortress, one of Italy’s towns in bloom, an Italian jewel. In the southernmost point of Lake Garda, where the lake flows into its outlet, the Mincio, lies Peschiera; described by outstanding poet Dante Alighieri as “beautiful and hard fort”.


Salò An elegant town that presents itself gently stretching out along the gulf that bears the same name, protected from the winds, it is considered a point of reference for the entire zone thanks to the services on offer; the lively business, administrative and commercial activities based here.


Punta San Vigilio is part of the district of Garda, protruding into Lake Garda. The estate of Count Guarienti of Brenzone forms a peninsula (in the shape of a crocodile) that to the north-west closes the Gulf of Garda.


San Felice del Benaco è un caratteristico e splendido paese che si trova sull’omonima penisola che delimita il golfo di Salò. Di fronte a San Felice del Benaco tra l’azzurro delle acque del lago di Garda e il verde dei propri giardini spicca in tutta la sua meraviglia l’Isola del Garda.


Sirmione, a town to explore. Chosen and loved by artists and poets throughout time for its enchanting atmosphere and its unique natural beauty. Sirmione welcomes you to the heart of Lake Garda with the charm of its millenial history, the famous ‘Catullo’s Caves’, the impressive Scaligero castle, and the churches from the Longobardo.


Torri del Benaco An antique hamlet surrounded by well preserved medieval walls, its beauty originates not only from its views or the streets of the centre but, as every town on the lake, also from those treasures hidden from first view.


Toscolano Maderno Located on the delta of the river Toscolano in a beautiful and sun-kissed position, the district of Toscolano Maderno represents an important historical and economic reality on the Garda riviera.